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Waterman Man 100 Patrician

This represents the Waterman fountain pen: good style, constructdion and fitted with a quality nib to all create a solid writing experience.

The Waterman Patrician hold a special value to me. When my mom died, I was given some money at the time, and with that I wanted to spend it on something that I would cherish and use for many years. No electronics that become out of date in a year. No, it would be a pen. The Waterman Patrician fountain pen. To this day when I use the pen I think of where I purchased it, in Nimes, Frances, and my mom.

Waterman launched the line in 1992. This was a remake of the original Patrician line of pens that date to 1929. The new versions is available in fountain and ball-point models. The 1929 pens were available in five colours: Jet, Onyx, Turquoise, Emerald and Nacre. In 1932 another colour was added, Moss Agate. The pens at the time were very popular as the body was a good size and the pen had an oversized nib.

The clip of the 1992 version is different from the 1929 model. Waterman used their brand clip of the time that was used on the Man 100 and 200 lines -- the top lines of pens at the time. As I started buying Waterman pens in the 1990's I recognized this clip as one of their signature design points.

The first colour released in the 1992 line is the Coral Red, followed by Emerald Green. Then a few years later that in Sapphire Blue. Waterman planned to release a the pen in turquoise and onyx but those colours were never produced. I was told by pen stores owners that in the end the line was not as popular as Waterman expected.

I like the weight of the pen, it has a solid brass inner body with a lacquer coating. Waterman material at the time said there were over 19 coats of lacquer that are applied over a two week period. Each of the pens were numbered on the nib section.

When I toured the Waterman factory in Nantes, France; the rooms where the lacquers were applied were like going into high-tech vaults. Air pressure controls and special garments all are part of the process.

The 18-karat gold nib is made at the Waterman factory in Nantes, as is the 23.6-karat gold-plated cap and clip. Few nibs around like that!

Each of the pens is numbered and the blue lacquered presentation box is very impressive.

I have purchased all three colours of the fountain pen and ball point pen. It is consistently one of my more used pens in my collection. They are well made and here, now 30 years later, with regular use, they are still one of the pens that regularly finds itself on my desk inked and ready to go.




Waterman Patricican in Green



Waterman Patricican in Blue, Red and Green


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