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A number of years ago I started to keep a list of stores for reference so that when I was travelling, I would be able to find a pen shop. The list has grown and I thank various individuals who send me updates when a new store opens, moves, or sadly, closes.

Keeping the list current is a challenge. Stores close as owners retire or development takes place. Please accept my apologies if you find the store is no longer in operation. If you can send me a note at I will update the list.

The Directory Listing of Pen Stores is organized as follows:

Some of the stores will also have a reference to a review in the Great Pen Store Directory.

Novelli Pen in Rome is a store that I visit on a regular basis. For the past 20 years, almost every years has included a stay in Rome, and when in Rome, a visit to Novelli Pen is always in the plan. Pictured to the right, Marco and Gleen are checking out pen options. More information on Novell listed in Stores of Note.


Novelli Pen Rome


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