Great Pen Stores - Stores of Note - Belgium

Antwerpen, Belgium

Korte Gasthuisstraat 37
2000 Antwerpen

This store has been around since 1878, so it has a real history. A store that has received a high recommendation from a viewer of the site. In 2014 I received an update that they have updated the interior of the store, it now has a Montblanc Shop-in-Shop/ Michel and his wife Nathalie are the 5th generation running the family business. The shop is located in the city centre, pedestrian area. Make some time to drop by. )Thanks Jacques for the update.)

Note: two stores have been added to the Stores Directory.

Diest, Belgium

Sakura Fountain Pen Gallery
Koning Albertstraat 72b
3290 Diest - Belgium

Tel: +32 486 80 95 96

Hours: The hours listed on the web site are: Closed Mondays, Tuesday by appointment, Wednesday, Thursday & Friday 10 - 1:30 and 2 - 6 pm; Saturday 10-6

A reader of the pen site wrote sayu the Sakura Fountain Pen Gallery should be listed on this site. He particuarly notes the high level of service the store provides. I had a look at theri web site and they sell a great selection of inks and fountain pens. I see they are selling the Armando Simoni Club fountain pens. A friend of mine, Salvatore Matrone, has been producing some of those pens.

Thanks Patricks for noting the store. We keep saying we are going to include Belgium in one of our next trips, so I do hope to get there one day.

Gent, Belgium

Kortemunt, 5 - B-9000
Gent, Belgium
Tel: +32 (0) 9-223.32.57
Fax: +32 (0) 9-223.82.71

The company was founded in 1845, startingmore as a publisher and chaning to be one of Belgium's pen-specialists stores. The shop is situated in the historic heart of Gent is a building called "The Half Moon" dating from 1794. The interior is described as a typical Interbellum interior and was restored in 1996. Here you can find an appropriate first pen or move right up to a limited edition. Our pen-room gives the client a space to choose and test in comfort. More than 3,000 writing instruments are on display. Here's a nice touch... to complete your choice there are fine papers, inks or pen pouches.