Great Pen Stores - Czech Republic

This is thei store locaed in the business centre of the city.
Wall cases have a range of the major pen lines.
Glenn with Olga at the - always a successful visit when I leave with a bag in my hand!


Na Příkopě, 23
110 00 Praha (Prague)
1 – Staré Město

In the Spring 2017 I had the pleasure of being in Prague for the first time. What a great city and I highly recommend visiting this city. It is like living in a museum! One day, I headed our with the specific goal of finding pen stores. Well despite being a city of more than a million, with a metropolitan population of over 2 million, there are few pen stores to be found. But, - they go by their domain name - was the exception.

The store is actually easy to find, being located on a main shopping street. You will be able to see Náměstí Republiky on most maps as it is a large piazza with bus and metro lines. At the end of the piazza, Na Příkopě, runs off it. It has an assortment of the major retail stores along the street.

The The Shop itself is inside a small galleria/mall. Just watch for the address, 23, and when you walk in, a short way down the corridor on the left side is the shop. The company has been in business for more than ten years, this is their second store. The other store is not located in the business centre of the city and is much larger.

I met with Olga Vasikova who was very helpful. If all I wanted to do is see and buy a pen, the language was no barrier. Of course I was asking a lot of questions like how long the store had been in business, who is the main customer etc.... all which at one point became to much. But, Prague is a very friendly city and a fellow from the next store came over and help us both out with the language!

Olga explained that fountain pens are not their number one seller as the people of the Czech Republic lean to very basic items, and ball point pens are very popular sellers. Like many stores, and thank goodness for pens, students are taking a increased intereset in writing and acquiring a starter fountain pen.

The store has a selection of inks and notebooks etc. This is it for the downtown core and for most of you needs, it is a good stop. There was a selection of pens from the major lines. The company handles Visconti, Parker, Sailor, Walhmann, Laweco,Cross, Mont blanc and Montegrappa to name the lines that I looked at when I was there. Olga, thanks for taking the time to visit with me.

They also have a web site: