Great Pen Stores - Stores of Note - Hong Kong


My last trip was just a stop-over at the new Hong Kong Airport, don't expect any bargains there in the duty free shops. But here are some suggestions from others:

Hop Cheong Pens and Lighters Co.;
111 Des Voeux Road
Central, Hong Kong.
Tel: 2544-2197

A nice small pen store with a good selection of pens including limited editions and some vintage models. Decent prices are reported at this store. [S. Kalat]

Winner Pens Collection
Man Yee Arcade, Shop 110
60 - 68 Des Voeux Road Central
Hong Kong
Tel: (852) 2710-8802 Fax: (852( 2781-2608

Thanks Phil Pither for the information on this store. It is located within a two minute walk of Hop Cheong, located on opposite side of Des Voeux Road heading East. Go up the building escalator into Man Yee Arcade. Winner Pens is not visible from the street.

The store has large range of Pens, Inks and if you are buying it is probably good to compare prices against Hop Cheong but I suspect they both know each other's prices better than any visitor so probably not too much in it but .... its an easy walk and their stock is sometimes different. Comments in 2014 describe Winner as having decent prices.