Great Pen Stores - Stores of Note - Israel

Jerusalem, Israel

30, Azza Street
Rehavi, Jerusalem, Israel
Tel/Fax: 02-5671824

I have not had the opportunity to visit Jerusalem yet, however, when my manager told me he was visiting Jerusalem, I asked him to visit a store that I have heard about from others via e-mail. Being a good manager, he quickly delegated this to someone else and Ed Rozenberg visited the store and yes - it is a great pen shop and worth a visit.

When the cab drivers know the address its an established business. David, the proprietor and one that has been in the business for some 24 years, runs Eitim - meaning pens in Hebrew -- which is a clean net shop that sells pens and related assessories. Ask for about a fountain pen and you'll be shown a selection and a bottle of ink to dip-and-try is there pronto! Carries all the major names in pens including some limited editions.