Stores of Note - Great Pens Stores
District of Columbia


Fahrney's Pens

1317 F Street, NW
Washington, DC
Tel: (202) 628-9525, 1-800-624-PENS
Outside USA or Canada call (301) 568-1755. Fax: (301) 736-2926.

Here is a pen store that has lasted many years, from bad times to good times. Back in 1929 Earl Fahrney started Fahrney's pens as a fountain pen repair shop. Just after the big crash of the stock market, repairing was the business to develop. Over time, Earl expanded his store to include sales. Later, in 1950 the store was relocated to the old Willard Hotel on F Street. Later the store was moved to New York Avenue in 1971 and Earl Fahrney retired.

In 1972 Jon and Corinne Sullivan bought the business and they maintain Earl's passion for pens. Jon's son, Chris has taken over the business.

The reviews of this store are very positive. This is one of those stores where it is an experience to visit and shop. Phrases like the store can not be exceeded in expertise, service or range of pens, or the big value is support with fixing, cleaning of pens and knowledgeable staff.


Pen Haven

3730 Howard Avenue;
Kensington, Maryland (a suburb of Washington, DC)

Friends Bert Heserman and Lou Wofsy started Pen Haven in 1989. The store is located on Kensington's Antique Row. If in Washington DC, go down Connecticut Avenue SW, turn right on Howard Avenue. The historical building was originates from 1880 when it was to house the original train station and later became the Kensington Post Office.

The store stocks vingtage ahnd modern pens. As well you can find a selectionof inkwells. and desksets. Stocking inks and other pen accessories there will be lots to view when you visit Pen Haven.

The store is open only on the weekends, Saturday and Sunday from 12 noon to 5:00 pm.