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Chicago, Illinois

Century Pens
231 South La Salle Street
Wintrust Financial Bank Building
Chicago, Illinois 60604

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The store is located at 231 S La Salle, inside the Wintrust Building. It is open Monday to Fridays, 9:30 - 5:00
The store is located at 231 S La Salle, it is inside the
Century Pens is located in the middle of the retail sapce.
Century Pens - the last of the pens stores in Chicago
Inside the store are counters displayng a full range pens and asseccories.
Century Pens showcases


I originally visisted this store in 2006, on my first trip to Chicago. So when I returned in 2017, I look forward to returning to the store. Century Pens is operated by long time pen retailer Ed Hamilton, and is now the only full pen store in Chicago. plan your schedule, as the store is open Monday to Fridays. It is located in the S La Salle business district of Chicago - 231 S La Salle, at the corner of S. La Salle and W Jackson Blvd. The building is kitty-corner to the Board of Trade. Located on the main floor, there is an area with 10 retail stores.

The store is located in the centre of the retail area of the Wintrust Financial Bank, on the mainfloor of this classic Chicago banking building (I had visisted the area the day before on a architectural walking tour) in a very pleasant glassed retail space. The store carries pens from over 25 companies.  I regularly hear good comments on the stores. Comments such as:

 "The store is a wonderful boutique, 1300 square feet of space, and the proprietor is tremendously helpful.  While I was only buying a new piston converter for my Dupont, he was so enthusiastic about the new pens, he insisted that I try writing with a few.  A great experience and a wonderful store."
Thanks- A. Jackson

 "... quick to let me try a pen."
Thanks J. Hubbard 2010

 For my 2017 visit I met Joseph who showed me around the store. While I was there a number of customers can into the store. I can say, that a real popular showcase were the previously owned pens. They take pens in on consignment and the quality and prices of the pens looked good.