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New York, New York

Fountain Pen Hospital
10 Warren Street
New York, NY
Tel: (212) 964-0580

Located in the Wall Street area of New York. Just find the impressive City Hall, and the store is not far from there. It has a very good selection of pens and inks focused on giving good service. In fact, pen shoppers have written in to say that the selection and service here is clearly above the rest. Plan your time in New York wisely, as the Fountain Pen Hospital is NOT open on Saturdays.

I did plan my time on my 2014 visit to New York and made sure I dropped by Fountain Pen Hospital. It is the last of the major pen stores that remain in New York.

It is a good sized store with a staff of 16, and a broad selection of pens. It has been a family run business and this year marks 65 years of business.

Ed Fingerman, Fountain Pen HospitalI talked with Ed Fingerman about the store and his views on pens. When you talk with someone like Ed, this history and the sense of perspective is really something. He has a deep history of pens, having been the President of the Pen Collectors of American, a contributor to pen magazines and pen books. In his past, he was the North American representative for Visconti. So this is a guy who knows pens.


I could also see from the customer in the store, by the questions and the answers, this is a place that knows pens and really helps their customers get what they need. One customer asked about replacing a nib on a mid-priced fountain pen. The advice back was sound. Unless the pen holds a special meaning to you, for this line you were better to just replace the pen.

I also talked with President Terry Wiederlight. He stressed the importance of pen stores staying current and managing inventory. The Fountain Pen Hospital web site, for example serves a significant customer base. The Back Room... who hasn't taken a flip through the pages of pens available in that section of the site, and the Pen Frenzy are both very popular.

If you visit the store you will find a solid selection of pens. All the lines are represented. Both regular and limited editions were displayed throughout the store. They also have a good selection of inks.

Spring Valley, New York

Engravably Yours
9 Spring Valley Marketplace
Spring Valley, New York 10977
Tel: (845) 425-0773
Web Site

Jane Wolf wrote to tell about her experience at Engravably Yours... very good. What a great store!  Their selection is unbelievable and they have the patience to teach and show you all kinds of different pens. It is a beautiful store selling top lines like  Montblanc, Cartier and such -- outside of New York City.  You will feel like you are on 5th Ave, except shopping with much better prices.  You have to go visit! (Thanks Jane)



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