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Seattle, Washington

World Lux
Closed 2014


Silberman Brown
1322 Fifth Avenue
Seattle, WA 99101

Silberman BrownSilberman Brown is a stationery store that also has a good pen counter. The store sells a good range of pens that includes: Waterman, Faber Castel, Parker and Retro. I met with Jennifer, daughter of one of the owners, Sue Silberman and Carol Brown, and enjoyed a short visit at the Seattle Store.

Silberman Brown has been in business for 33 years with stores in Bellevue and Seattle.

The store originally started as a stationery store and fairly shortly after opening they added pens to their offerings as it seemed such a natural inclusion for the writing experience. The store is one of those oh-so-interesting stores to walk about. In addition to pens, there is stationery, desk accessories as well antique ink wells. Sue and Connie, the owners, travel to England and hand pick the items to have sent back to the store. They had a couple of very nice looking crystal inkwells on the day that I visited the store.

So selling pens, paper, the store also stocks a good selection of writing inks that include Waterman, Parker, Private Reserve. DuPont and Private Reserve.

 Both of their stores will be moving to new locations. The Bellevue Store will move into a new retail development anchored by retailer Marcus Neiman. The Seattle store will move a few blocks to be part of the Fairmont Hotel