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Aurora - a pen company with a passion



In June 2006 I had the opportunity to visit Aurora at their factory and headquarters in Torino, Italy. It was a company that I knew little about, mainly because of limited distribution of their pens in Canada. But, with my passion for travels in Italy, and and ever increasing number of Italian pens in my collection, it is a company that I wanted to know more about.

With the arrangement for the tour made I somewhat expected a quick tour of the plant - here is this machine, here is that machine etc. But instead, I experienced much more. Meeting members of their leadership team and seeing the various production stages of a pen.

I came away with a feel for the company. Great pride in their Italian history. A passion about their history and the goal of creating high quality products. A sharp strategy of increasing production in high-end and limited edition pens, a branding of quality and the quality products that are associated with writing instruments such as leather accessories and paper products.

Here is a family-owned and managed business where their employees spoke with pride on the leadership and direction of the company. It was good to hear.More information on my visit is available on the site.

For the month of June I was in Italy and visited a number of pens stores in numerous cities. As I talked with the owners and staff of the pen stores the discussions brought out information on best selling lines, opinions on which pens were better made, and which lines of pens had higher rates of repair. Aurora was right up there at the top of the list of pens considered to be well made and with a low repair rate.

There are not that many independent pen companies so bravo Aurora and all the best on your continued success. Aurora is pleased to provide tours of their factory for groups of 20 - 30 persons. Inquiries directed to: Sofia Castoldi (e-mail:

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