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The Black Pen

AuroraLast month or so, on the Pentrace Discussion Board the comment "this is just another black pen" caught my eye and the discussion that followed were pro or con the basic black pen.

It made me think of how my black fountain pens are one of the basics of my pen collection and some of my most enjoyed writing instruments that I own.

Articles on personal fashion identify the basic black dress as a must for women, the black suite for men is right along with that rule, and for me, the basic black pen is the hallmark of a good looking writing instrument. You got to have one!

As I flip through PenWorld I often hear myself asking: "Who would buy this pen?" Looking at the very ornate and difficult to hold pens that come out from time to time I know there is a pen for everyone, but they just can't push the black pen aside. Collector items yes, but daily writing instruments, questionable.

As a person who uses all his pens both at home and at work, the overall appearance of the pen is important. Want to take notes at a meeting of a serious nature, then in my opinion writing with an oversized pen with jewels and ornate carvings just does not to fit in!

Do people notice your pen? I think so. Others do. I regularly get comments on the pens I use. Discussions on what pen I am using are time the "pre-issue neutral conversation" that goes on in meetings. But in scanning the Internet I see that I am not alone. Although Gentleman Quarterly or Men Style don't have dedicated fashion sections dedicate to pens, at least yet, here is one of the posts on that drives a good point:

"Dude in your industry the first thing people are going to notice about you and as such, base their business opinions of you, are your nails and the pen you use. Go for Montblanc when in doubt and dont skip on the manicure. "

A series last year on the ten essentials of a man's wardrobe missed the pen, but when seeing what they said about a watch, well, the next connection is the black pen. The third commandment of style in GQ was: "3. Thou shalt invest in the right timepiece Buy a high-quality stainless-steel watch. It looks as right with jeans as it does with your best blazer."

So I think there should be an 11th - "Invest in a good looking black fountain pen. It goes with everything, looks appropriate on your desk or at a meeting of any topic."

Now I am the first to admit I have more than the basic black pen in my collection. The celluloid's offer an endless array of colours and tones. Of course, who would be without the basic silver or gold pen. There are always the times when you want to pull one of those out!


Your pen, an expression of you.