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Identify Crisis?


Oh the identity crisis. Someone asked me the question: "What are you? A pen collector? An aficionado?" or A guy who just won't move on - why not the ballpoint?".

That started me thinking. I am kind of a collector, but then I am not. I don't seem to have the discipline that collectors have where they collect a line or series. Oh, after years of collecting stamps, I know what that is all about. Getting the series. But my tastes vary too much. Waterman, Omas, Pelikan... these are all lines that are amount I find myself picking up each week to use. But no desire to own a series or a collect a line. Just to get the pens that attract me as classic or good looking.

I recently joined the Pen Collectors of America (PCA) and as I am always looking for good pen magazines, when my issues of Pennant arrived I was really looking forward to a good read. I must admit, when one of the articles talked about the Parker 75, and noted that they don't often cover such "new" pens, I did hear myself saying: I am not a vintage pen collector.

But when the November issue of Pen World arrived I kind of knew why this was my last issue because the publication seems to be moving on in a direction away from my appeal of knowing about fountain pens so that I can better appreciate using them. The Pen World web site has the by-line that sums up the new Pen World: The magazine of pens, gifts, and style. A beautiful magazine. Very well laid out with great photography from pen companies and I found a couple of pages that I read that were of interest.

So I think I am more of an aficionado — an enthusiastic admirer or fan of the fountain pen.

There are lots of be enthusiastic about. I am big fan of the Omas Paragon and the Pelikan M1000 — both seem to write with such speed across the paper I can hardly slow down the pen to keep up with my thoughts.

In talking with store owners I am pleased to hear that despite business being tight, some of the pen lines are selling very well. The Waterman Exception, one of my favorites, seems to be a big hit.

So I look forward to my coming issues of Pennant — who knows, I might be a collector one day. As I look at my pen case I think I have a good enough base to start from. But for now, aficionado it is and I look forward to some good new lines coming out.


November 2006

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