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May 2007

Pen purchases ... sometimes not as planned

Sometimes plans to buy a pen are shattered when you actually get to try the pen out.

Edson Black DiamondI was eagerly waiting for the release of the new Edson, Black Diamond in April 2007. Heck, I even heard about this pen before some of the stores did and it was contacts back at the Waterman Service Centre and confirmed the new model would be out in the Spring.

This was a good reminder that until you see and hold the actual pen, you really don't know what it will be like. The Waterman site does a first class job in presenting this pen as a high-end writing instrument. But when I saw it today and had the change to write with the pen, it did nothing for me.

The platinum plated cap is very attractive, and looks good with black. But the body of the pen is a let down. Rather than be the unique two layer semi-translucent effect that comes from the double interior structure that allows reflections of light - it is a plain gray resin body with no visual depth. In fact, this is the closest thing to a gray plastic body I have seen in a long time.

The colour, I was told is like a black diamond, is actually a black/gray as opposed to a rich shinny black that I was expecting.

The difference in the body construction not only shows in the colour and reaction to light, but it is lighter than a regular Edson pen.

The pen lists for $1,200 CDN and I see it listed on pen sites at the $1,000 USD point, although some are selling it for as low as $699 USD. The platinum-trimmed Exception sat on the next counter and I must admit, that pen gave me a twinge and a thought that there was a pen I should have! At this point in my life, with the number of pens I own, a pen has to really do something for me.

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