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The Quiver Pen Holder - Your Pen and Your Notebook

March 2013

Quiver Pen Holder

If you are like me, you enjoy using your various fountain pens and carrying them with your journal has up to now meant a seperate holder or case. I recently was introduced to the Quiver Pen Holder that make your pen, and your notebook a single item. Great idea.

This is a pen holder that is made to snugly fit on the cover your your writing journal. The pen holder is a leather strap fitted with an elastic back. The strap fits over the cover of your journal. There is a large pocket for your single large, or a two smaller pens to fit in.

Now that is better than try to clip your pen to the inside cover!

Quiver Pen Holder

Currently I have been using a soft-cover Clairefontaine notebook for my travel journal, and the strap is too tight for the flexible notebook although there is a plastic insert that can be purchased. I did not have that so I could not use it with my softcover notebooks but I did try the Quiver Pen Holder on a hardcover Clairefontaine ring binder note book. That worked.

I ordered the plastic inserts for my Quivers but found that the tension was actually too tight for the soft-covered Clairefontaine notebooks, and the books tended to bend. So they are primarily best for hard covered books.

I was impressed the pen holder is designed to securely hold a large pen. My Delta Dolcevita nicely fit in the holder and there was no fear of it falling out.

Heck you can use the pen holder as a stylus holder and strap the pen holder to your iPad cover!

But back to fountain pens... The Quiver Pen Holder comes in three different sizes. The A6 (Pocket/Small), the A5 (Large) or the A4 (Extra Large). The Large and Extra Large come in brown, black and black with red or yellow stitching. There is also one in ballistic nylon. The Pocket/Small holder comes in brown, black, pink and black with yellow or red stitching.

The Pen Holders are meant to fit the hard cover notebooks made by Rhodia, Quo Vadis, Moleskine, ecosystems by Barnes & Noble, Leuchtturm 1917, Letts of London, Piccadilly and Black n' Red.

More information and ordering is available on their website:

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