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The Envelope... the opening

April 2013

Quiver Pen Holder

I picked up my mail this week, and as I walked back from the mailbox I flipped through the envelopes to see what had arrived.

When one of the envelopes arrived at the top of the pile I must admit I stopped, and gave it a second look.

A lotto envelope advising me of a substantial winning? No, an envelope address with a fountain pen!. The fountain pen ink just stood out and made this particular envelope more distinctive.

For a while, even though I wrote a letter with one of my fountain pens, I would always use a ball point pen to address my envelopes. Living in Vancouver, I was always concerned about the rain washing away the address.

But a number of years ago I received a good tip: use a piece of standard paraffin wax to wipe across the address. It nicely seals the ink from any moister.

Quiver Pen HolderIt worked, and what was best, here was a new writing accessory that is readily available and inexpensive - just get a box of standard canning wax available at more food stores.

A small piece of canning wax is part of my desk accessories. I keep it a small box on my desk, and now I give all my envelopes a couple of strokes and the address is sealed and safe!

Do wait to ensure the ink is dry but other than that, once it is, there is no smearing.

Just another way to fully use your beautiful fountain pens and inks.


Your pen, an expression of you.