Having a Hand-Crafted Pen

December 2013

Handcrafter Wood Body & Cap Fountain Pen

I always enjoy the opportunity to try different pens, and I was provided the Pure Mind fountain pen from Rocky Mountain Pens. The pens are hand crafted by Franck Segarra. In my correspondence with Franck, he comes across as an individual with high standards and determined to made a good quality pen.

Wood PenSo my pen arrived and I filled it with ink and gave it a try. What did I think? I liked using the pen. It has a medium nib, so that means I am using it more for what I consider more detailed writing such as editing budgets at work, making notations in my calendar - the writing needs where a large broad nib may not be the best choice. These selections are based on the nib, and not the quality of the pen.

First of all I was pleased that the pen came with a converter. I know from talking to various pen store owners that some pen companies are shipping pens without a converter, requiring the store to order them as an extra, or for the store to included them with the pen, and eat into the cost margin. Personally, I never consider a fountain pen that does not have a converter as the selection of, and changing of fountain pen ink is part of the pleasure of writing with a fountain pen.

I am pleased with the look of the pen. The pens are made from Canadian Silver Poplar. This is a tree that Franck tells me is not the most common tree. He collects the wood, piece by piece and then cuts the work and lets it dry for one year. (I have a friend who makes furniture and the drying of work is a very key process.)

Wood PenThen he goes to work on the wood after it has dried, drilling the cavity, and using a wood lathe to finish the body and the cap.

Each of the pens are hand-made and Franck tells me he produces up to four pens in a full work day.

He uses a steel nib unit, made in Germany. When I asked Franck about his quality control on the nibs, as the German steel nibs can vary in quality. He checks each nib taking care to wash the nibs completing in water so that there are no oils or other materials from the original production process.

I really like the clip of the pen. It has a clean style and feels very sturdy. The top and bottom of the pen have a black plastic end points, and the band at the base of the cap is also in black, with two silver-toned rings.

The wood is very smooth and the entire pen has a very good feel in the hand. Good work on the pen Franck!

He is selling the pens direct at $131 CDN, shipping is extra, and he tell me the pens are guaranteed for two (2) years.

So what's my view of this $131 pen? It is a good basic pen. Considering the pen is hand-made the price point is within a range I would expect. There are plenty of resin/plastic pens in the $100 or so range on the market, and this pen has a much better look.

My pen wrote smoothly, albeit for me, I find Medium nibs very different from Broads. I am also not comparing the smoothness of this nib to a 18 kt gold nib that comes on many of the high-end pens I use but comparing it to pens in this price range. I am using it and for instances where I need a bit smaller writing, I am finding this pen meeting my needs.

Your can contact Frank Segarra directly about acquiring at his e-mail address - Frank Segarra

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