June 7, 2017 - Pen Meetup at Plume et Bille in Paris!

March 2107

When I vist stores on my travels, often in talking with the owner I will hear about someone who reads my site, was at the very store and mentioned they came because of the write-up on my site. Sometimes, they even leave a business case to give to me. Last year in Paris I missed "bumping" into a reader of the site by just a day! So we left a note to each other via the store.

So as Brigitte Courson, the owner of Plume et Bille, and I talked, I though that next year, I would publish in advance when I was coming to her store next. Given the number of people that travel to Paris, there is bound to be someone in Paris the very week I will be there.

Brigitte thought it would be a an interesting event a group of pen enthusiasts ended up all meeting at her store. So that started the conversation and now the date is set:

  • Come meet Brigette Courson and myself at Plume et Bille on Wednesday June 7th, anytime after 5:00 pm.

Plume et Bille is one of the stores I make a point of visiting on each of my trips to Paris. Brigitte has a carefully choosen selection of pens, covering a full price range. She has a good selectionof lines that include Pilot, Graf Von Faber-Castell, Dupont, Caron D'Ache, Montblanc and a very good selection of Namiki pens.

Add to that inks, papers and desk accessories and there is lots to see at her store. It is airy with comfortable chairs and room to walk about and view the pens in their showcases. Just ask... she really enjoys showing her pens and talking with clients.

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Plume et Bille is located at 38, rue de l'Arcade which is faily easy to find. I usually take the Metro to Havre-Caumartin, or you can also go to the Madeleine. Havre-Caumartin is the metro stop that is front of the department stores on Boulevard Haussmann. I walk along Boulebard Haussman past the Printemps store, and in a few blocks I turn left on ture de l'Arcarde to walk down to the store.

From Metro: Havre-Caumartin: about a 6-7 minute walk

Plume et Bille Paris


From Madeleine to Plume et Bille - about a 4-5 minute walk:

Madeleine to Plume et Bille - Paris

Any questions? Drop me an e-mail and if you are in Paris the week of June 7th, do try to drop by Plume et Bille.