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December 2004

Pen to Paper - The Art of Writing

In my job I receive about a 100 e-mails a day, at home, through my pen and travel sites I receive over 600 e-mails each evening. After I wade through the SPAM the number drops considerably but nevertheless, I have to do "the e-mail thing".

This year, with my father-in-law passing away, the value of a written card as opposed to an e-mail really struck home. I have used my own stationery for letters, and relied on e-mail to send short notes. Iwill still use e-mail as necessary, but a personal note card now ranks high in my assessment of writing with style.

My wife Karen and I are avid photographers and travelers and we have decided to produce a line of note cards. I have enjoyed using them and our feedback has been very positive.

Photography has captured many special moments of our travels. We have also produced a series, pen to paper,to capture the special moments of putting pen to paper and producing a truly personal note.

Samples from Series 1 - Paper to PenMarcus Moments - Note Cards


Glenn Marcus • New Westminster, BC Canada •