January 2004

Stylophiles - A New Print Magazine

It is a great feeling when you hear yourself saying "things just got a whole lot better!". That was my reaction after reading much of the Premier Issue of Stylophiles.

I have been a big fan of the Online version of Stylophiles that has been available for the past few years. A top-notch web site with great images and articles about pens. When read that Stylophiles would be going into a print media I was saddened at what I foresee as the end of the online version, but I quickly subscribed thinking that if the print version is anywhere as good as the online version... its going to be a good thing.

This is a top notch publication. Sound writing, great photography all put together on good quality paper stock. Rather than feel I am reading promotional material published by a pen manufacturer I have the feeling that I am reading real views by fellow pen users.

Do yourself a favor. Subscribe now. You will get a great publication. Information is on the Stylophiles web sitewww.stylophilesmagazine.com

My only suggestion for improvement: put your subscription information right in the magazine. People are going to pick up this baby and want to subscribe right away!


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