Views about Pens

March 2005

Stylophiles is Back Online

I came across a couple of great pieces of information over the past month. One is that Stlyophones is back with an on line version. I always enjoyed the on line web-based magazine that Bill Riepl produced. When they went to a print format it was a top-notch publication that I eagerly awaited delivery with each issue. It was with real regret that they folded the print version.

Now, in March, Stylophiles the Online Version is back and just as good as ever.

Mark this location as a favorite and visit the site and support the advertisers and let them know you appreciate their support of Stylophiles. We hate to lose this great resource again.

Pelikan Piazza Navona

We are avid travellers to Italy and this year a big group event will take place. The idea arose out of a great dinner party where we all drank far too much wine, but over the years we kept talking and this year the trip unfolds. We all meet at 7:00 pm at the Piazza Navona -- entering the piazza by different entrances we meet, go for dinner, and all travel to Amalfi to spend a week on the Coast. We have been talking and writing about this trip on our travel site. Well you could have knocked me over when this month I read in Pen World and Stylophiles Online about the Peliman Piazza Navona pen series issued.

Even my wife said it was a message, a sign that I should get that pen if no other this year. I have quickly agreed to the "get that pen" and have been rather silent on the "if no other" part of the statement. I will have to hold off to June to actually get the pen as it will be an anniversary gift and I await eagerly. I have always been impressed with the quality of the Pelikan pens and with four M800's this will be a welcome addition to the collection.

Faber-Castell Ambition

Every once in a while you get a great pen that costs relatively little and it really makes you ask why you have been spending so much on pens anyway? The folks at Vancouver Pen gave me the fountain pen as a Christmas gift, much appreciated. As I wrote with it I became really impressed how this pen writes.

We are talking a $80 CDN/$50 US fountain pen with a stainless steel nib -- the pen feels really good in the hand. It has a good weight, a smooth body, capped it is over 6" in length. My fountain pen has a broad nib and it has become one of my most reguarly used pens at work. I get more compliments on the look of the pen than some of my OMAS pens. So, I became so impressed with this pen I picked up the pencil -- great .7 mm lead, just what I needed as I press too heavy to use . 55 mm, the ball point - always need one of those for the carbon forms and the roller ball.

If you are looking for a pen that you don't mind leaving on your desk, if lost this would not be the end of the world, but writes like a winner I really recommend this. Now it won't last 50 years. There is plastic where the caps snaps to the body but for the price it is great pen.

Waterman Exception- An Exciting New Pen

Here is a sneak peak at the new Waterman Exception Pen. I am looking forward to trying this pen out when it arrives in the stores.

Glenn Marcus • New Westminster, BC Canada •