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Welcome to marcuslink Travel

Travel Journal

Through our Travel Journal we share our experiences. Over the years our travels developed themes. Cloisters, in particular are points of desintation. We have places photographs and information on our a dedicated site: Travels to Cloisters Site.

Since we travel so frequently to Italy and France, we present information by regions in each country. Please see: my travels in italy and my travels in France.

Travel and photographygo together. My travels inpsire photography, which is found on my photography site: Photography by Marcus. I also document our trips with photographs on my travelling lens. From that site there are links to my social media pages.

Trips of Note

Each year we summarize our travels. The pages start out as planning aides, and then become journals to talk about and and show images of the trips. The Trips of Note are summarized in the left-hand text band.

Great Places to Stay

As avid travellers, we share information great places to stay with a focus on France and Italy is provided on our Great Places to Stay site. For the past years we have rented apartments more than stayed in hotels. We include information out our accomodations and restaurants on Great Places to Stay.