Chain Bridge Budapest

Galerie Saint Hurbert Brussels

Palais Royal Paris


We were in Budapest in 2017 and we knew we would return, and here we are, planning our return to this beautiful city in 2019. Information on our 2017 trip is on our Travel Journal - Budapest. This year we have again rented a beautiful apartment and friends from Vancouver are joining us. This should be a great week.


In 2017 the Telegraph claimed Brussels to be one of the most underrated city breaks. We are looking forward to staying in Brussels and also taking some day trips to other locations.


Paris was our first location, and then we started to plan other sights to see. Paris is like a second home. Paris 2018




Rome Forum of Nerva


It has been many years since we have been to Milan. I have seen so many great photographs of Milan on Instagram, well, it made it to the itinerary this year. We have an apartment in the central historic centre for our stay.


Bologna - Gubbio

As we head south from Milan we will stop for a few days in Bologna. We plan to link up with our friends at SCRIBO Pen. We have been to Bologna before and are looking forward to returning. It is a beautiful city and famous for its food! Then we head to Umbria and stay at an agriturismo just outside of Gubbio. We will use this as our base to tour this section of Umbria and also to relax.


It would not be a complete year if we were not in Rome, and we will end this trip with a week in Rome. We have booked "our" apartment and are looking forward to returning.