Our most recent travels took us through a number of regions of Italy that include: Marche, Umbria, Tuscany, Piedmont, Liquria, Apulia, Campania and Lazio. Information on a number of the locations that we found to be out standing is detailed in Great Places To Stay.

Some of the highlights include:

Piaza San Marco This is home of Martini Rossi TURIN/TORINO
A city of great architectures. Emanuele Filiberto made Torino or Turin the capital of the Duchy of Savoy in 1563 with grand architecture such as Piazza San Carlo, via Po and the Royal Palace (Palazzo Reale). As the Savoy's consolidated their family (everyone needed a palace) more building took place in Turin and the surrounding Piedmonte area.
The stunning cathedral in Orvieto Festival in Orvieto ORVIETO
Orvieto is one of the best cities in Umbria. The cathedral is stunning, there are great restaurants and shopping. We enjoyed a procession involving medieval costumes. See Umbria
Alassio one of the best beaches in Italy Alassio ALASSIO
This town has the balance between development and historic charm. One of the best beaches in Italy. See Great Places to Stay
Langhe wine region Langhe with medieval towns and wine

An interesting region with castles and palaces (the Savoy's set this area as their home base) as well as some of the best vineyards in Italy. The Langhe Valley offers great scenery with hill top towns, old castles, and a patchwork of colours. See Piedmont and Great Places to Stay. The Santurario di Vicoforte has the largest oval dome around. Impressive.

Tuscany Tuscany MARCHE
The Marche has interesting sights and is still relatively low on the tourist scene. There are numerous impressive medieval towns to visit. The visit to the Basilica of S. Nicola da Tolentino is stunning.
Montepulciano Santa Biago

Tuscany and Umbria are favorites. As you drive the small roads you will be surprised how often you cross back and both between these two regions. See: OrvietoMonterubiaglioMontepulcianoAbbazia di Sant' Antimo

We stayed at a Great Places to Stay.

While washed buildings of Peschici Boat trip along the coast of the Promontorio del Gargano APULIA
The Promontorio dei Gargano is a little bump on the east coast quite different that the traditional Adriatic coastline. Peshici - See Gargano in Travel Journal
Cilento Coast of Campania Santa Maria di Castellabate CAMPANIA
Cilento Coast of Compania is one of the destinations for Italians. Some think of it as Amalfi Light but the coast is not as dramatic and the feel is very different. Some of the towns are targeted vacations and lack appeal. Santa Maria di Castellabate was an exception and a great place to use as a base for the area..
Swiss Guards of the Vatican Spanish Steps in Rome LATIUM
Rome for the last two days. Perfect way to end an Italian vacation. Having re-read the Robert Hutchinson's "When in Rome" a another visit to the Vatican was a must. Ranking next is a visit to Novelli Pen for Glenn. La Cripta dei Cappuccini was very interesting. We enjoyed what has become one of our Rome walks: Spanish Steps, Fontana Trevi, Novelli Pen, Pantheon and Piazza Navona. There is no better way to spend a day.