Auvergne (Now part of Auvergne-Rhone-Alpes)


ConquesFit in some time to visit Conques. The Roman abbey-church has incredible stained-glass windows, the tympanum of the Last Judgment, the cloister's vestiges with its great serpentine basin. The village appears to be one of those places frozen in time.

The Abbey-Church Saint Foy is considered to be a masterpiece of roman art.

ConquesJust being in the village is a treat. It is in gorge and made up of narrow lanes and timber-frame houses. The rue Charlemagne is the main street in town on which pilgrims made their way to abbey.

Were visited Conques in May, but in July and August there are a series of concerts that take place in the abbey.

ConquesPictured rigfh: Above the door on the west side of the abbey is its famous Last Judgement tympanum. There are 124 figures in the work which dates back to the 12th Century.