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Abbaye di Sassovivo

Located around 6 km south west of the town of Foligno is the stunning Abbazia di Sassovivo. See Cloisters.

The Benedictinesfounded the abbey in 1070 using what was probably a castle that existed at the time. It was an abbey that became powerful and at one time its possessions extended from Rome to Perugia.

But, in about the 15th Century the abbey started a decline and was pretty much closed by 1860. When the Papal States fell much of the Abbey's possessions were tajen by the Italian State, local bishops and private individuals. This reflects its current state, as it is now owned in part by the Diocese of Foligno, the State and a private family.

In 1979, the Bishop of Foligno entrusted the Abbey to the Community of “Little Brothers of Jesus Caritas of Father Charles de Foucauld”. They still currently live at the Abbey.