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2023 - Italy

Italy in the Fall


Italy 2023 Overview Tour

Our Route

We returned to four Regions of Italy we have previously enjoyed.

  • In Umbria, we returned to the beautiful Agriturismo La Panoramica Gubbio, located outside Gubbio.  .
  • We also stayed outside of Montefalco, also in  Umbria, It has some of the most scenic landscapes.
  • Then we drove across to the east coast to tour the Puglia Region, basing our stay near Monopoli. It had been a number of years since in Pugia and we enjoyed being there again.
  • In Compania, Napoli is one of the most exciting cities in Italy, and of course, so close to the fantasic Leonardo Pen Company.
  • Leaving the Compania Region we entered Lazio and spent the last week in Rome.  We had to make arrangements for a different apartment to rent. Unfortunately it was not as described with way too many stairs.

Umbria - Gubbio

Palazzo dei Consoli  in Gubbio

It was good to return to Gubbio. This was our third visit and I enjoyed spending time in the town. Unfortunately they were working on the tiles in the main piazza, prevent access.



Umbria - Montefalco

Montefalco, Umbria

We enjoyed the Montefalco area so much we returned. I find this area to have some of the most scenic landscapes in the Region to enjoy.As I explored the area I found a wealth of old castles.



Puglia - Monopoli

Monopoli, Pulia

Puglia is scenic and not that crowded. Despite having our car stolen, we enjoyed the area and will return again for sure.


Agriturismo La Panoramica Gubbio - Maison de Charme

Agriturismo La Panoramica Gubbio


We first stayed here on our 2019 visit to Italy and enjoyed our time at this agriturismo. We retned one of the cabins and enjoyed our time at the Pamoramica.

The owner, Susanna, has done a wonder job setting the decor of the property - elegant but comfortable, and she is very helpful.


Fonte Sala, Montefalco

Fonte Sala


Staying here in 2022 was one of the highlights of the trip and for our time in Umbria. I think we declared we would return here, within five minues of first arriving.

As we made our plans for the 2023 visit this location was a keystone planning point.

Fonte Sala. dates back to 1913 when Camillo Montalcini bought the farm that had stood on that location for many years. In 1997 renovations of Fonte Sala started and continued over a five year period. The farm was converted into an estate with accommodations.


Fico d'India, Monopoli

We have traveled in Puglia a number of times with our last visit in 2015. We enjoyed our time, and there are many interesting towns to visit.

Compania - Naples



A city in Italy that is not to be missed. We are pleased that we are returning to Naples, and also will be able to visit with Leonardo Pen.

On my walk down via Pignasecca and were endless markets.

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Lazio - Rome

Rome - Trevi Fountain


We concluded our visit to Italy with a week in Rome. For the past few years I have been put off by the crowd, and this year they were worse. Stay away from the big tourist "must see's" and Rome is more pleasant, but that only works if you are on a return visit.

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Puglia - Polignano a Mare

Polignano a Mare


I looked forward to returning to Polignano a Mare in Puglia. This coastal town is stunning. I was determined not to have one little event, my car was stolen, ruin my time in Puglia.

Compania - Napoli

Napoli - Apartmnent Martucci

In Napoli we have rented an apartment that was how it was descdribed, but not how we perceived. The views off the patio over the Bay of Naples were stunning. The stair, however, were not, and this apartment has many stairs and was small.

Lazio - Rome

Rome Piazza Mattei Apartment

In Rome our apartment was well located for visiting Rome. Located in the old Ghetto it was an easy walk to most locations.

Rome Loft should have taken better care in describing the apartment as there were many more stairs so it was a chore to get in and out of the apartment. A set of stairs from the second floor to the third floor where the first door to the apartment was found. Open that door, and there was another set of stairs from the third to the fourth floor.

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