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2023 - Italy

Italy in the Fall


Italy 2023 Overview Tour

Our Route

We will return to a number of favourite locations to use as a base to tour the area. This will include:

  • The beautiful Agriturismo La Panoramica Gubbio
  • Fonte Sala outside of Montefalco - our stay there last year was so great we just had to return. This area of Umbria is extremely scenic and it positions us well to tour the area.
  • The scenic area of Monopoli- it has been a number of years since we have been in Pulia and we remember has much we enjoyed Monopoli.
  • Napoli - one of the most scenic and exciting cities in Italy, and of course, so close to Leonardo Pen!
  • Rome - we have had to arrange for a different apartment in Rome - my things booked up fast, and we are looking forward to our stay.

Umbria - Gubbio

Foligno, Umbria

We will be staying just outside Gubbio as our base to travel this area. I stumbled across a photo of the streets of Gubbio on our first visit, in 2019.



Umbria - Montefalco

Montefalco, Umbria

We return to stay just outside of Montefalco in Umbria. Some of the most scenic landscapes to enjoy.



Puglia - Monopoli

Monopoli, Pulia

We look forward to returning to the Pulia Regiion. We will be staying near the coastal town of Monopoli.


Agriturismo La Panoramica Gubbio - Maison de Charme

Agriturismo La Panoramica Gubbio


We stayed here on oiur 2019 tour of Italy and really enjoyed this agriturismo. We have a private small cabin with wonderful views over the valley. Gubbio is 5 km away, with plenty of other destinations within reasonable drives. Susanna has done a wonder job in the decor of property and was very helpful. The grounds and the pool is great.


Fonte Sala, Montefalco

Fonte Sala


Staying here in 2022 was one of the highlights of the trip and our time in Umbria. Since we were returning to Italy, we made sure we were returning to Fonte Sala. Lorenzo and the staff were very helpful. In 1913 Camillo Montalcini bought the farm, Fonte Sala. It remained a farm until the 1900s. Then in 1997 Fonte Sala was renovated, over a five year period, and converted into a property with accommodations.

Fico d'India, Monopoli

Fico d'India, Monopoli

Website: fico-d-india-luxury-apartments

We have traveled in Pulgia a number of times, however, our last visit was in 2015. We are really looking forward to return. We will renting a beautiful apartment in a Masseria on the countryside, about 7 km from Monopoli.


The architecture in the town of Lecce is simply stunning.



Compania - Naples



A city in Italy that is not to be missed. We are pleased that we are returning to Naples, and also will be able to visit with Leonardo Pen.

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Lazio - Rome

Rome - Trevi Fountain


We conclude our tour of Italy with a week in Rome. For the past few years I have been put off by the crowds around the Trevi Fountain, but when I pulled out this 2007 photo I took I see the crowds were just as bad!

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Puglia - Polignano a Mare

Polignano a Mare


Looking forward to returning to Polignano a Mare in Puglia. This coastal town is stunning.


Compania - Napoli

Napoli - Apartmnent Martucci

In Napoli we have rented a beautiful apartment with a patio that overlooks the sea. Apartment Martucci, located in the Chiaia area of Napoli will be a pleasure.


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Lazio - Rome

Rome Piazza Mattei Apartment

In Rome we have an apartment on the Piazza Mattei, near the old Jewish Ghetto. We are looking forward to enjoying time on the outdoor pattio and the views and feel of Rome.

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Lazio - Ronciglione - I Borghi più d'Italia


In Italy an association manages the designation of the "most beautiful villages in Italy". Fior 2023 there are now 348. Added to the list in the Lazio Region is the village of Ronciglione. On our 2022 trip we stopped here for lunch. While the meal was not that good, mainly due to terrible service, the views walking along the edge of the deep crevice that runs through the town were impressive.