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  • Italy - Latium/Lazio - Rome

Welcome to marcuslink Travel

Travel Journal

Through our Travel Journal we share our experiences. Over the years our travels have developed themes. Cloisters are points of desintations for us. We have places photographs and information on our Travels to Cloisters Site. Since we travel so frequently to Italy and France, we present information by regions in Italy (my travels in italy) and France (my travels in France).

Travel and photography (Photography by Marcus) go together. Ad hoc photos get posted on my travelling lens which also includes links to various social media postings..

Trips of Note

Each year we summarize our travels providing highlights of the various places we visited and stayed.

Great Places to Stay

As avid travellers, we share information great places to stay with a focus on France and Italy is provided on our Great Places to Stay site.

Marcus Travel Planning

Through our travels we have become very astute in planning trips through Italy and France. Marcus Travel Planning provides affordable fee-based travel planning services. Why pay for some travel planning services? Given the overall price of a French or Italian vacation, we are confident that good planning can make the difference between a trip and a great trip!