2024 - Spain (Spring) Italy (Fall)

Italian farmhouse

photo: mytravellinglens.com



2024 - Spain in the Spring, Italy in Fall

Spring> - we return to Spain touring the areas of  Madrid, Catalonia and Aragon.

Fall - we tour the regions of Marche, Umbria, Puglia, Compania and Lazio


Despite the crowds in Europe last year we have book our travels for 2024.

What we learned from 2023 is to be more measured with out time in the larger cities. Two large cities in a row, creates extra pressures. Once out of the urban centres, travels are easier.

In the spring we will return to Spain. Our last travels in Spain were in 2015. We enjoyed the sights and experiences but on that trip we felt we were too much on the move.  Ongoing packing and unpacking takes a toll. Now we like to stay in one area, explore, enjoy our villa or apartment. 

We are more aligned with a theme of move less and see more! For Spain we have accommodations in each of three areas we will visit.

In the fall we return to Italy.  We will return to the Marche Region.  It has been many years since we have spent dedicated time in that Region. Its beautiful and we hope still lives true to being not as busy as Tuscany or indeed Umbria. We enjoyed Puglia last year and will return to explore a little more of the southen part of that Region.  We have divided our time that will involve Naples and Rome to a week at the beginning and end of the trip. We think the split time of larger cities should be good.