Limousin (Now Nouvelle Aquitaine)


Collonges-La-RougeWe wanted to see this town as the houses are all built of red sandstone. It was on the list of Plus Beaux Villages de France so we were a littled concenred as some of these have not been worth the drive, but this was interesting. Back in the 7th Century it was completely walled (two of the gates are still there) and from here the Duke ruled a number of smaller fortresses and towns which were in the vincinity.


Gorges de la Dordogne

Gordes Dordogne

What first pulled us to this area were the Gorges de La Dordogne. The drive along the Dordogne is very scenic anywhere along the way. When you are driving along the Dordogne, you will be changing from the Aquitaine Region into the Limousin Region without even knowing it. But, for example, if you visit the Gouffre Padirac, head out on the D673, Tahek the D940 north and then cut east on the D12. This will take you along the Gorges de la Dordogne.

Drive along the left bank from the town of Argentat. Enjoy the scenery. Serviè-le-Château has the stone-roofed houses that make this area scenic.