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Abbey S. Antimo

Abbey S. AntimoHaving visisted this abbey, and been taken with it location and construction, we can certain agree with the claim to being one of the most beautiful Romanesque churches in Italy.

It is a short 9 km from Montalcino. Emperor Charlemagne was here in 781. Became ill, was told to make an infusion of the particular grass here and wine. He did, he and his men were cured. To pay his thanks he founded the abbey.

Some historians feel the abbaye was founded before that. But what a story!

The apse of the original 9th century abbey still stands alongside, and is dwarfed by, the new 12th century apse. The Abbey was the most powerful monastic landowner and foundation in Tuscany.

If you arrange your visit at the right time you will be able to hear the Gregorian Chant.