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There is a reason so many people visit Tuscany. The scenery is stunning, the food and wine are excellent and the enjoyment of being in the country remains a long time. There is no single "Tuscan scene" as the region has a broad variety of topography. The Region ranges from scenic beaches along the coast, hills covered with olive groves and vineyards, rolling mountains, cypresses trees along small winding roadways, and barren tracks of grey clay south of Siena. The region can be green and lush, or almost desert like. It is a visual treat.

Florence is fascinating, but it is just one, a good one, city in Tuscany. There is so much more.

Provences of the Region of Tuscany, Italy

Above: Provences of the Region of Tuscany


Many years ago I read an article in the travel magazine, Travel + Leisure, recommended taking the time to really see Tuscany by exploring the region on the  strade bianche -- the white roads. A good travel atlast, like that by Michelin, will show the various classes of roads. We took that article to heart and always enjoy a white road travel.

The next classification up is a yellow road. They go through just about every village and town (the white roads go by every farm!). The red roads are the National Roads including Autostrada class highways. The Michelin Maps shade the scenic routes along any of the classes of roads in green. Well worth taking one of the scenes routes where that is an option.

Tuscany, as shown on the map above has a number of provinces that such as Firenze, Arezzo, Siena etc. and those provences have cities, often of the same name which are the principle or capital city of the provence.

Monticatini Terme
Abbazia di Monte Oliveto Maggiore
Crete Senesi