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Piazza Grande ArrezoArezzo turned out to one of the great surprises of our 1995 trip to Tuscany. We have returned to the town since then and always enjoyed our visit to Arezzo.

Located about 80 km southeast of Tuscany.

Piazza Grande, Arezzo

At one time, it was one of the twelve important Etruscan cities. Later, in 311 it was won by Rome and became a military position of the via Cassia - the road from Rome to the basin of the Po River that runs into Venice. The Roman city was demolished. It became a seat of bishops and continued to prosper.

The Piazza Grande is the mail large square. There are numerous churches in the city. You can park in a municipal parking lot and walk into the historic centre. The four most noted churches include:

  • Arezzo Cathedral (Duomo), Piazza del Duomo. Daily 7AM-12:30PM and 3-6:30PM.
  • Church of San Francesco, Piazza San Francesco,
  • Church of Santa Maria della Pieve, Corso Italia 7,
  • Church of Santa Maria delle Grazie, via S. Maria delle Grazie 1.

The first Sunday and the Saturday proceding it, of every month sees a very large antique fair in the Piazza Grande. More than 500 stalls.

.In 1995 we tried to get at hotel in San Gimignano but were unable to get anything. We drove to various towns in the area and had no luck anywhere. Well it started to pour so we thought at this point, lets drive and we ended up in Arezzo. It was 8:00 pm and we decided to take the first hotel we could find. It turned out to be a fairly modern one on the end of town, the Minerva - our room was great and it turned out the Italian heart-throb was staying there as there was to be a bid concert in town. Throngs of fans stood night and day outside the hotel.

Arezzo Arezzo Arezzo

We checked into the hotel and headed out for a meal. We were starving after the long drive. We came across:

Antica Osteria L'Angania
via Mazzini 10
Telephone: 25381
(Closed on Mondays)

This was one of the evenings we had the most fun in a long time. the restaurant was jammed. We should found out it was full of entertainers for the conert. The restaurant is mainly long tables and a few tables for four. We ended up eating with some of the Directors for the conert and Tears for Fear were right at the next table. It is a one-price meal and it was fantastic. The wine flowed, and flowed and at one point when I returned from the washroom Karen was dancing in the middle of the restaurant with the chef!

Anyway, the town is impressive, the Duomo is large but very dark inside. The Piazza Grand (you will remember that scene from the movie A Beautiful Life, is very impressive.

We also ate at:

Il Saraceno
via Mazzini 6/a

and it was a good meal