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LuccaLucca is interesting and famous for its walls. Construction started in 1500. The city is entirely enclosed and you can walk along the top of walls looking out and into the city. A long history in this town. While depending on where you have just come from, it can seem to hold a slower pace than other cities, I can attest to the difficulty of trying to park a car, fine a tourist information office, or a hotel. At one time the city was one of the prime trading centres in the region. In fact, it used to be its own Republic. Oh, but the way, the tourist office is on Vecchia Porta San Donato, in Piazzael Verdi, near the bus station.

We stayed once, and felt that one evening in the town just was not enough. On subsequent trips, however, we have unable to get a hotel in the city and have ended up in other parts of Tuscany. On our most recent trip we booked into one of the primary downtown hotels, paid a hefty price, but had the advantages of staying in the town. That even, a concert in one of the churches would have been very difficult to attend had we not been in town.