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An interesting town in Tuscany, one with a long and rich history.

Jews came to Pigigliano in the 15th Century and the Jewish population grew when rulings of the Catholic Church forced Jews from the Papal State.

PitiglianoThe aristocratic family Orsini ruled this area of Tuscany, and under Orsini, the Jewish Community flourished. That, however, ended when the Medici family took over. Rights were rescinded. Jews could not long own land. A ghetto was built in 1622 in a small area around the synagogue. There were further pressures and after the unification of Italy, in 1861, most had moved to other cities.

The synagogue had been damaged in the war but a project in 1980 commenced work to restore the structure.

We visited Pitigliano on a cold and cloudy day. The narrow streets were dark and with the cold weather that day, the number of tourists were few. Unfortunately the synagogue was closed.

The narrow, well-worn stairs that go down to the synagogue.