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San Gimignano

Located on a top of hill, we get goose bumps every time we see the many towers of San Gimigano from a couple of kilometres away. It is quite the sight and well worth pulling over on the side the of the road and just enjoying the view.

While there are only fourteen towers left, and with this they call it the Manhattan of Tuscany, at one there were were many more.

In the centre of the town, theTorri degli Adringhelli and the Torre del Diavolo stand on the south and north side of the piazza della Cisterna - named after the well that dates back to 1263. The Piazza del Duomo, as with many Italian towns, is the centre of the town.

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TuscanyOn our 1994 and on subsequent trips we have stayed at the Hotel Pescille, located on the route to San Gimignano (about 2 km outside of the town). This is one of our Great Places to Stay and everyone we have referred to this hotel always tells us how special it was to stay there. So relaxing to return from a day of touring and spend time time around their pool, or in the gardens. It is located in an incredible setting, the buildings and decor are the kind that really make staying in a location great. We have stayed there twice and each time we enjoyed the hotel.

During the day, San Gimignano is jammed full of tourists. But, for a small town, it packs the sights and if you are looking for some small leather goods over the course of of many visits here we have dropped a few dollars in the stores.

We return on a regular basis. It is a relatively easy to town to tour. Walk the main street from gate to gate and the buildings are impressive, the gelato in the piazza with the well is fantastic, and there is some decent shopping available. I have a number of briefcases that I have purchased from the stores in San Gimignano.