Fall 2021

Planning for our 2021 trip to Iraly is underway. We have our reservations with Air France, Vancouver to Paris, Paris to Rome. There we pick up a car and drive us to Castel Cellesi, in the Region of Lazio, located not far from Bolsena.

We plan to spend the majority of our time in rural areas, and pretty much limiting out time in cities to the some time in Rome at the end of the holiday.

Castel Cellesi is a small town that dates back to the 1600s. The area is known as “Alta Tuscia”, it is an area where the ancient population of Etruscans previously lived.

The town is about 30 minutes from Orvieto or Viterbo. Both are scenic locations of which we are familiar. The cathedral in Orvieto is simply stunning. We have been to Viterbo. On our 2019 trip Glenn returned for a morning photo walk and he has wanted to return. The old section of the town has impressive architecture.

We may visit the Terme dei Papi, a famous SPA near Viterbo, or then again, we may just relax at our place and take morning drives around the area.

Lake Bolsena is 15 kms away with its pretty beaches. The old town of Bolsena is very scenic with good trattorias and cafes.

Heck, if Glenn has a Novelli attack, it is about one hour by train to get into Rome.

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