Fall 2021

We are set, we just need to be able to commence our travels with no hick-ups due to the state of COVID with us, or here in Canada and Italy. We will travel with Air France flying non-stop Vancouver to Paris and then from Paris to Rome. We have four segments to this year's travels in Italy.



Lazio - Latina - our base is a beautiful apartment in San Felice Circeo


Tuscany - Chianti - our apartment is located just outside of Castellina-in-Chianti


Lazio - Tuscia - our apartment is located nhear Castel Cellesi




In Rome we pick up a car and drive to San Felice Circeo on the coast between Rome and Naples.

From there we travel north to Castelina-in-Chianti, and then sourth to the area around Lago di Bolsena. The trip concludes with a week in Rome.

The majority of the time is planned to be in more rural areas.

Segment 1: Lazio - Latina: San Felice Circeo

We start our time in Italy in the town of San Felice Circeo, located in the province of Latina in Region of Lazio. Located on the coast between Rome and Naples, this is an area with rich history of previous imperial Roman settlement.

The Circeo National Park, in this area, and the park has five environmental zones. They include the rocky promontory, costal dunes, wetlands (this entire area was drained to be inhabitable, and there are four lakes, a forest; an uninhabited island of Zannone. Other than getting to the island, there looks like lots of good photo opportunities.

San Felice Circeo is relatively small, with a population of 10,000.


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San Felice Circeo

The old centre of San Felice Circeo

San Felice Circeo Lighthouse

San Felice Circeo Lighthouse

Segment 2: Tuscany - Chianti: Castellina-in-Chianti

We will return to Casteliina-in-Chianti, located in the Province of Siena in the Region of Tuscany. We have stayed at the beautiful Borgo di Pietrafitta a number of times on previous trips and we look forwas to a return stay. It will be like returning a home.

Castellina-in-Chianti is well positioned, being located about 35 kilometres south of Florence and about 15 kilometres northwest of Siena. It is part of the Chianti Hills, between the valleys of the Arbia, Pesa and Elsa rivers.

The centre of the old town is built around the old citadel, which was designed in the late 1400s.The church of San Salvatore was destroyed in the Second World War and rebuilt in a neo-Romanesque style. There are Etruscan tombs located justed outside the town (Tumulo di Montecalvario).

Some of the sights in the area include Greve in Chianti, with its colonnaded square. Also is Montefioralle, a medieval castle with old alleyways and Radda in Chianti and visit the forts and fortresses from times past.

We have liked coming into the the town in the evening for the promenade and to sit down in one of the cafes and just enjoy the scene.




We plan to drive into Siena

Segment 3: Lazio - Tuscia: Castel Cellesi

We will return to the Lazio Region to stay at Castel Cellesi, a small town that dates back to the 1600s. Located near Bagnoregio, this area is known as “Alta Tuscia”.

The town is located about 30 minutes from Orvieto or Viterbo. Both are scenic locations of which we are familiar. We plan to returnh to Orvieto, a long-time favorite town for us. The cathedral in Orvieto is simply stunning.

We have been to Viterbo a number of times, and each time the town has been found to be interesting. On our 2019 trip Glenn returned for an early morning photo walk and he wanted to return. The old section of the town has impressive architecture.

We may visit the Terme dei Papi, a famous SPA near Viterbo, or then again, we may just relax at our place and take morning drives around the area.

Lake Bolsena is 15 kms away with its pretty beaches as well as the old town of Bolsena.

Heck, if Glenn has a Novelli attack, it is about one hour by train to get into Rome.

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Civita di Bagnoregio - it has probably been 30 years since we have been here!

Castell Ceellesi

Castell Celesi









Segment 4: Lazio: Rome

Finally we return to Rome. We have made reservations with a different apartment as the locations we have previously stayed over the past many years are unavailable. Karen did her magic and found us what looks to be a great apartment.

We already have visits booked with friends. It will be good to return.

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Rome Apartment

We hope to enjoy our large patio.

Rome Apartment 2021

Our 2021 Rome Apartment


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