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2024 - Napoli, Nola and area

Compania Region that includes Napoli, Nola and other exceptional sites


Naples is the capital of the Compania Region and is a city not to be missed, but there is much to see in this Region. It includes a beautiful ooastline, along with the dramatic Amalfi Coast.

This year we will be staying just outside of Naples, in the area of Nola, giving us the option to travel into the city but have a relaxing time in the countryside.



This year we will be staying just outside of Nola,

Nola was an ancient city of the Romans. Emperor Augustus died here. But after the Romans it was sacked a couple of times, and then in the 13th Century captured by Sicily, and damaged in the 15th and 16th Centuries by earthquakes. After all those events, the town lost its overall importance.

The cathedral was restored in 1866 and 1870. The former convent of the Capuchins is located just outside of the centre of the city. There is the remains of a church built by St. Pauilinus in the 4th century.

There are frequent trains from Nola to Napoli, many for as little as 5 Euros for the one hour ride.



Naples is an exciting city and one that should not be missed. It is big and loud. Beautiful architecture and an authentic feel.

Don't expect manicured streets, they are streets that are lived in and show the wear and tear of hundres and hundres of years.

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