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2024 - Rome

Rome - Piazza Mattei

Teatro Marcello


Returning to Rome


Rome is a city that stays with you. A city of endless history, beautiful architecture and people who live their passion for their country. We keep returning to Rome to not only see the many sights, to be part of life in the city. Some ask, why go to Rome again? As regular visitors to the city our visits are more relaxed than for someone who visits the city for the first time. First visits can be hectic. Trying to see many sights within a limited time frame.

Because of our many visits to Rome, our days have a relaxed feel. There is no oppresive schedule to maintain. We see what we want to see on a particular day and enjoy being there.

A number of years ago we changed from staying in hotels to staying for a week each time and renting an apartment. With an apartment, while still tourists, we live less like a tourist. We shop for food, cook our meals and enjoy time in our homes in addition to having outings to see desired sites.




Rome was very crowded with tourists. When you want to get away from the crowds, take a walk along the various Lungoteveres (italian for waterfront). These are streets that run along the Tiber River. Massive retaining walls (muraglioni) were built to protect the city from flooding of the river. It was a major construction endeavour. Parts of communities were unfortunately destroying in the process. The river flows well below street level, but there are numerous stairs down to the walkways along the river. Great for walks in the daytime. Use caution in the evenings.


Rome - Loft Apartment

This year we will be staying in the Trastevere area of Rome. 


 Pen Stores

Via Gallia, 101a
00183 Roma Italy 

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Via San Marcello, 21/22
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