home to many of the best preserved medieval and Renaissance hilltop villages and towns in Italy.

Our travels in the Abruzzo Region

Our first visit to this region was back 2005. It was part of our travels from the east to west coast of Italy. An autostrada connects L'Aquila to Rome so that became a good location to stay prior to returning to Rome. The Region of Abruzzo starts about 80 km east of Rome.

On the east coast of Italy, the Abruzzo Coast has beautiful clear waters and sandy beaches that seem to stretch on forever! The majority of the region is made up of mountains/hills. In fact, Abruzzo is noted to be one of the greenest places in Europe as almost one-third of the region is a national park or a protective nature reserve.

Roads tend to run between mountains so keep this in mind as driving around the region can take more time than originally contemplated. The coast line is very scenic, and some areas more scenic when viewed from afar. There are areas of the coast that have suffered too much development. I guess everything can't be an old fishing village!

The region is divided into four separate provinces: L'Aquila, Teramo, Pescara and Chieti.