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You catch one of the many boats to Capri from the dock in Amalfi. They will take you to Marina Grande and from there you can ride the funicular from the harbor to the top or walk up along the small walkways. There is lots of walking to do if you wish, take the funicular for the five minute ride.

At the top is the town of Capri and there you walk the crowded streets with incredibly priced stores. Retail has taken over and it is not really a quaint old town any more.

Have a lunch and take in the sights. The Carthusian monastery of San Giacomo is open in the mornings. The small cloisters date from the 15th Century and the larger ones from the 16th Century.

capriWhen you get to the top, I think the best views are looking away form the commerical centre, out over the water.

Our take on Capri is that yes it is very scenic, but a day trip will do you.



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