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PompeiWe visited Pompeii on our 2001 holiday and again in 2005. For the 2005 Amalfi Event/Italy tour we arranged for a guide tour of Pompei.

In 2005 we visited Herculaneum, and although the large temples there are better preserved, if you want to get the feel of an entire roman city, then you have to visit Pompeii.

I was impressed and it was more than I had expected. We opted for a bus from Salerno and then took the train back via Sorrento and a bus from Sorrento to Amalfi where we were staying. It can all be nicely done in a day.

PompeiThe site opens at 9:00 am until one hour before sunset. Where good shoes as it is hard to walk on the stone roads with their paving area for the wheels and the stepping stones for the pedestrians. The colours are amazing. They are still there. Hell, there is still graffiti on the walls - the original stuff!

At one time Pompeii has a population of 20,000 and it dates back to the 7th Century BC. It was only of three or four major trading centers in Campania at the time. Of course what makes this town unique was the events of A79. The volcano erupted, most of the towns people left with an estimated 10 percent perishing. The town was covered in ash and stone. The upper floors of buildings that were visible were looted. Engineers found it when they were digging an aqueduct in around 1600.

So if you have not seen Pompeii yet, plan to do so. When I read an newspaper article in June 2008 about how tourists are ruining Pompeii by taking bits of it out with them, it made me think that the days of just walking around the site may be limited.



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