This is one of the most popular locations on the Amalfi Coast. After the 17th Century it was a downward slide for town, basically a poor fishing village until in the mid 19th Century John Steinbeck wrote about Positano and it became a place to visit on the tour of Italy. It has not looked back since. Tourism is the main industry of this town.


We have visited and stayed in Positano and it has traditionally been one of our locations for a boat trip when we stay in Amalfi, located down the coast.

There is a different feel to Positano, a little more sophisticated than the town of Amalfi, becase Positano is the location for high-end hotels etc. There is a buzz to the place, and expect to find it packed during the day with tourists.

Our first visit to Positano was also my first drive along the Amalfi Coast. It was a nerve-racking experience. We arrived on a Sunday afternoon along with every vespa from Napoli.

With no hotel reservation we started to stop at one hotel after another as we drive along the coast. No luck. But when we arriver in Positano well I just pointed to a red rated Michelin Hotel and said "that is the place". Here with fatigue and the desire to just leave the car for someone else to worry about we stayed at the very nice Hotel Poiseidon.

It felt good to just drive up to the hotel, leave the keys with the the attendant and check in. Who cares what it costs! This it turned out to a great hotel. All the rooms have a terrace that look out over the town and to the sea. Its an incredible view.

Even the young hold their heart walking the stairs!Positano is considered the most vertical town in Italy. Be prepared to walk up and down countless stairs. Very crowded all summer, August 15th is the Feast of the Assumption. On the last Saturday in August there is the festival of the bean. Streets are decorated with stalls and folks selling beans cooked in endless ways. Unless you book well in advance consider the town a shut-out.

PositanoOn other visits to Positano we make it a great boat trip from Amalfi. The best way to arrive.

If you arrive by bus, the buses and road are high up above the town. This is not Amalfi where the bus pulls up just outside of the main Piazza. It is a pleasant but long walk down to the centre of the town at sea level. There is a small bus that you can catch to travel up to the road if too exhausted to make the climb.