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Sitting high on a crag of tufa, you will always be impressed with Orvieto. We have already enjoyed our visits to this town.

Orvieto Impressive cathederal in Orvieto Incredible detail of the duomo in Orvieto
Orvieto sits high on a crag of tufa The impressive cathedral in Orvieto. This is considered one of the masterpieces of Italian Gothic architecture. Incredible detail of the Duomo in Orvieto.

Because of its location, the Etruscans settled here and originally called it Volsinii. It was one of 12 prime Etruscan cities. But in 280 BC the Romans pretty much wiped out the town and the Etruscans created a new town called Volsinii on the shores of Lake Bolsano During the Middle Ages, Popes would retreat from Rome to Orvieto, as they did to Viterbo, because of the safety the location offered. Of course, those are the types of residents towns like as it typically meant grand development.

Orvieto is a city that most find most pleasant to visit. Orvieto Cathedral in Orvieto
Orvieto has a great look. Intense colours of the cathedral. It glows when the evening sun hits the cathedral

The cathedral is considered one of the best in Italy. The façade is breathtaking. Designed by Morenzo Maitani of Siena. The colours are intense. In the evening when the setting sun hits the church which sits high on the hill, the church literally glows. Maitani worked on the remarkable bas-reliefs on the lower pillars that tell the story from the Creation to the Last Judgment. It is called a Bible in Stone.

In the chapels are great treasures. Facing the alter, on your right is The Cappella della Madonna di San Brizio has fine frescos. Well work the specific admission charge. You buy your tickets at the tourist office across the piazza. On your left is the Chapel of the Corporale. It has frescos with scenes from the miracle of Bolsena The cloth, the famous cloth taken to the cathedral is only shown during the processions during the feast of Corpus Christi.

Glenn Marcus cooking with Velia de Anglis Orvieto goes all out with its festivals. Stunning stonework of the cathedral  in Orvieto
Glenn Marcus cooking with Velia de Angelis at her kitchen in Monterubiagio. Information on the range of cooking classes offer is found at Colour religious festivals in Orvieto. Stunning stonework on the exterior of the cathedral.