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We have been to Todi a couple of times, each time enjoying the town. The church is stunning. The town is full of impressive buildings. Walk up the streets and stop and enjoy some of the good food along the way.

Tempio della Consolazione - Todi Interior - Tempio della Consolazione - Todi Duomo in Todi
Tempio della Consolazione - Todi Interior Tempio della Consolazione - Todi Interior of the Duomo in Todi. The painting on the back interior wall is of the Last Judgment by FarraĆ¹ da Faenza.

If you drive from Orvieto, you will approach Todi from the South West. This gives you a great view of the Tempio della Consolazione which is considered one of the most perfect Renaissance churches in Italy. It was designed in 1508 and not finished for an incredible 99 years later. Inside is a bright interior with Baroque statues of the twelve apostles.

Leave your car in one of the parking lots and walk up towards the Piazza del Popolo. There you will find the Duomo with its rather harsh square appearance. Walk up the steps and go inside. There is a great rose window and the back wall has a 16th century version of the Last Judgment that was painted by FarraĆ¹ da Faenza.

Visit the San Fortunato, it was built in 1292 located on a hill in town atop a broad stairway. It holds one of the greatest works of art in Todi, a fresco by Masoliono of the Madonna nd Child.

At the very top of Todd is the ruins of the 14th-century citadel There is a public park and a view out over the valley and the Tempio della Consolzione.