Travel Journal - Paris

The last week was in Paris. A great way to conclude a great trip.

Our apartment was even better than we had thought it would be. Vannarith looked after us very well. In addition to inviting us to his apartment he joined us to celebrate Karen's 60th Birthday.

The days in Paris were relaxing. I would head out at 7:30 for a walk and photoshoot, returning around 10 am. Then it would be breakfast on the patio. Then we would head out to walk about the city and see some of the areas we had planned.

Our neighborhood was very good, now the area in Paris where we want to stay.




C'est notre voyage.

Nous sommes heureux de voyager en France encore.


So that is our trip.

We look forward to travelling in France again.


With birthday parties, pen stores visits and sight seeing, the five days in Paris just flew by.

Karen's 60th


Karen with Vannerith

Karen with Vannarith in Paris. The Paris Birthday Party.

Glenn in the Paris Kitchen

We had a great evening. Chris Grant made a wonderful appetizer of shrimp, prosciutto in basil pesto. Glenn made veal with pasta. We bought a wonderful dessert (no need to bake anything in Paris) of fruit in a lemon custard. Of course there were bottles of Veuve Clicquot champagne.

Party for Karen in Paris



Paris est spécial. Nous sommes heureux de retourner

Notre Dame Paris

Notre Dame - the magnificent Gothic cathedral on the Île de la Cité in Paris. From an architectural perspective, this is one of the first churches to use the flying buttresses which provide the exterior support to the walls an enable the height and use of stain glass windows.


The Louve, Paris

Glenn at Mora Stylo in Paris

Of course first of all we had to visit numerous pen stores that Glenn wanted to visist and review for his pen web site ( Pictured above is Glenn buying his Stipula Etruria Fiesole fountain pen from Christine Regnault or Mora Stylo.


With that important business out of the way, we searched out some of the "Galleries", the convered shopping arcades that became very popular in Paris. The passages, or galeries date fromthe 19th Century. They were built to provide some protection to pedestrians from the mud and the dirt fromthe horse-drawn vehicles. For many years they were left unused but over the past decade many have been renovated and their grand glass roofs and beautiful tile floors restored.


Galerie Colbert

Galarie Colbert - 2 rue Vivienne and 6 rue des Petits Champs
75002 Paris | Metro: Palais-Royal or Bourse

Galerie Vivienne

Galarie Vivienne - 4 rue des Petits-Champs, 6 rue Vivienne, 3 rue de la Banque
75002 Paris | Metro: Bourse or Palais-Royal .

The Galerie Vivienne connects the National Library to the Place des Victoires. Decorted in a neo-classic style is still has an old world charm to its interior.

Passage du Grand Cerf

Galarie Vivienne

Passage due Bourg l'Abbé

Passage du Bourg l'Abbé - this was just a few blocks from our apartment.




Kitchen in our apartment

sitting Room

Petite Dejuner on the patio

Glenn Marcus on patio in Paris


Floor Plan, Apartment


We stayed in the Montorgueil area, with rue Montorguil being the main, buys, pedestrian street. It was great, lined with great shops and there was always a buzz.


Cafes on rue Montorgueil

Cafes along rue Montorgueil.

rue Montorgueil

Men and fashion on rue Montorgueil

Ah, the men of Paris. They got fashion down pat. Cafe scene on rue Montorgueil

rue Montorgueil

rue Montorgueil

The street if far from quite in the mornings. Early every morning trucks arrive to drop off the their cargo for the shops.


What can one say about five days in Paris, other than it was a great way to cap off a great trip

The week Karen and I had in Italy was very enjoyable. Genoa was a surprise and a city we will return to visit again very soon.

Meeting up with our friends, Chris and Carmen Grant started the joint trip. The week at Mas St. Jean was spectacular. What could be better than spending a week with good friends in a great house in a scenic area of France. Margot and Mike Arbogast and Fin and Max Or joined us for a great week. We really lived well, and we had our personal chef, Chef Chris is cooked non-stop for the group.

The Dordogne is simply beautiful.

Being in Brittany and staying with our friends Chantal and Alain LeGrouëff was very special.

The Loire with is chateaux is always stunning. But our house came with its own garden! Talk about great fresh meals!

All that, and then Paris.

Well the concept planning for 2012 is already starting to brew. Check back and the outline of the next trip will start to take shape.