Paris Palais Royal

Palais Royal is a place for fashion.

Galerie Vivienne

In 2018 the Galerie Vivienne was being renovated, I hope the old moody feel is not eliminated.

Paris Père Lachaise Cemetery

When you need to just get away for a couple of hours of walking visit Père Lachaise Cemetery.

Paris Metro

Being in Paris is taking the Metro, and the Art Nouveay stations, designed by Hector Guimard, that remain are beautiful.



We end the spring trip with a week in Paris. I thoroughly enjoy being in Paris. We have been in Paris every year for many years. We are not there to see new sights ... "You are going to Paris again?" but to enjoy being in the city itself.

We have a great apartment for the week there, and I plan to link up with friends and enjoy the city. I have watched just about every movie with scenes in Paris and I have areas of the city all mentally mapped out to shoot!