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The Lavender Fields


The lavender fields in Provence were impressive

Lavender in Provence

Visiting the lavender fields was a bonus for us. When we initially planned our trip to the South of France we had not taken lavender into consideration. But with more detailed planning it became aparent we were on the edge of a pretty exciting time in the South of France. As friends in France advised us of the very high temperatures they were experiences, there was the possibility of the blooming schedyule being ahead for a few days heighted my interest.

So we were lucky. Because of the very warm weather that took place before we arrived in France, we benefited and saw the start of the bloom. I liked the combination of the rich greens and the purple.

I found informative sites that identified specific fields. Some evern included GPS coordinates. But we found we were so involved in finding a specific field, it was taking a degree of the enjoyment out of the process. There are so many lavender fields I concluded just drive, enjoy the scene, and you will come across a field to photograph.

We found that more generalized maps, likie the one that follows, divides areas up into the three groups: June 10/20, June 15/25 or June 30/July 7th.

Considering we arrived in the South of France at the start of June, we had out fingers crossed but were rewarded with various states of bloom.

  • The major bloom is towards the end of June. Simply thing of two seasons: Mid-June to Mid-July to the beginning of August.
  • Fields vary by location (altitude, soil conditions, variety).
  • Fields in thye Luberon area typically bloom first, followed by the Valensole Plateau, fields at higher altitude, such as Pays Sault, bloom last.

But you will find you biggest challenge is where to pull over your car when you come across a great field! The reoads are narrow. There are no shoulders, there always seems to be a ditch parallel to the road - finding a place to safely pulling is the challenge.

Early - Mid - Late Blooming

Lavbender Map


After a while, just coming across a lavender fields did not seem enough. It was always a great find to have a hut or stucture in the lavender field. The ideal would be the hut in the far distance but I found I would have to wait until the Valensole Plateau, with the large fields, for that to occur.

Because of its lower altitude, the blooming in the Plateau of Valensole starts earlier than in other lavender fields. In general, mid-June to the first week of July is the best time to see lavender in Valensole.

Because of its higher altitude (800-900m), the lavender season in Pays de Sault starts later than in the plains. In general, July is the best time to see lavender in Provence – Pays de Sault, and you will enjoy lavender fields in full bloom around mid-July.

The four areas are:

  1. Valensole Plateau (Alpes-de-Haute-Provence)
  2. Pays de Sault (Vaucluse)
  3. Luberon (Vaucluse)
  4. Drôme Provençale (Drôme)


Lavender Field South of France


It was always a great find to have a hut or stucture in the lavender field.

The flowering season for lavender only lasts for a few weeks.

There are two types of lavender in France: Fine Lavender and Lavandine.

The Fine Lavender are the rows, with individual stems and flowers gently bending and flowing in the wind. This is the cash variety.

The Lavandine is more spikey and if found in many locations in the world..




I liked shooting down the roles and enhacing the lines. It was early in the season so there were still defined spaces between eacho fd the rows.

Saint Paul Mausole

The scenic Monastery Saint Paul Mausole, with the lavender field that Vincent Van Gogh would have walked through.

Monastery Saint-Paul-de-Mausole

Pays du Sault Lavender


Lavender fields in Pays de Sault. Higher altitude so the blooming is more to the very end of the season. Furher away and a longer drive, with the benefit of less people. The fields has fewer boeries (the small traditional stone houses). In addition to the fields, the towns noted to see include Sault, Aurel, Monieux.


Lavender with old Building - Road to Manosque -