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Alassio - the Ligurian Coast

AlassioIt was west and to Alassio to spend some time on the Liqurian Coast. Alassion has one of the best beaches in Italy.

We have stayed here many times and last year we found the Beau Rivage Hotel. The food was great, we enjoyed our room overlooking the sea.

This year, all was not quite as enjoyable. The food did not standout as it had in previous years, and our room was in a section of the hotel where our we were right above an outside bar. Now we did enjoy the much for the first 15 minutes or so, but beach life in Italy goes well on into the evening and the noise factor was too much.

Not far from Alassio is the Grottes di Toirano. The Grottes is located in a karst area at the end of the Vallone del Vero (valley of truth).This is the most famous of the more than 70 caves in this area. The plural is used as there are actually different caves, joined by tunnels. There is the Grotta della Bàsura, Grotta della Strega (Witches cave), Grotta del Colombo (Pigeons Cave), and Grotta di S. Lucia (Cave of St Lucia). There are hand and foot prints from Neanderthals. There were amphoras from the time of the late Roman Empire also found, so this cave has been used!


Groitte di Toirano Grotte di Toirano  
Grotte di Toirano The prehistoric remains are interesting, but the caves are impressive because of the rock formations.