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In Tuscany, this history and the influence of the Etruscans is evident.

The Etruscans pre-dated the Romans as it was around 900 and 800 BC that they settled in Italy. A sophisticated people with their own alphabet based on the Greek alphabet. They produced sculpturs and paintings - some of which can be found in the musuems of Italy. Their religion was based on human-type gods which they had learned from the Greeks.

In Italy they established a level of civilization and urbanization. Etruscan tombs have been excavated and with this works of art include carved stone sarcophagi, wall-paintings, bronze reliefs, ceramic vases, golden jewelry and other objects.

They established themselves in the north-eastern part of Italy between the Appenine mountains and the Tyrrhenian Sea. From the Arno River in the north to the Tiber River further south. In fact, they established Latins, on the Tiber River, and this later became Rome.

The Etruscans established a confederation of towns. The last three of Rome's seven kings were probably Etruscan. They built the Cloaca Maxima to drain the Forum, built walls around the town and the erected the Temple of Jupiter on Capitol Hill.

When the Romans decided to be a republic, they expelled the last Etruscan king, Tarquin the Proud. From that time the Etruscans stayed north of the Tiber slowly declining in importance. Etruscan culture was absorbed into Rome's.

At Tarquinia there is an extensive necropolis, with many beautiful wall paintings. Near Cerveteri, there are tombs in the shape of circular mounds.







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